We are Las Vegas's premier residential concrete patio specialists. Simple Creations in Concrete, LLC is a Family Owned and Operated Concrete Contractor in Las Vegas, NV serving the Las Vegas valley since 2005. Thank you for visiting our site.

Our Mission:

We seek to provide a service to individuals or the community to enhance and improve the appearance of your property or community. We seek to cultivate confidence in this portion of the building trades through Quality Workmanship, Honesty, and Integrity. We strive to furnish a feeling of confidence, surety, and ability from all employed personal to every potential and established client.

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Concrete Contractors License #61048

Bid Limit $25,000

Bond: Ageis Security Insurance Co. #515574

Nevada Contractor's Board

What We Do

Simple Creations In Concrete, LLC,
Las Vegas, NV

Concrete Contractor,
Residential Concrete Specialists

We’ll create your:

  • Concrete Patio
  • Concrete Driveway
  • Sidewalk
  • Gazebos pad
  • Spa pad
  • Shed pad

Add a Stamp pattern and some color to your concrete for an elegant look.

We work hard to create the absolute best concrete product available to meet your needs.

Stamps & Colors

We have several different concrete stamp patterns (our standard patterns*) which are available to you when you are looking for stamped concrete. Any one of these patterns will be included in the bid.

Note: The Pictures are for illustration purposes only! Pictures do not reflect true colors. Colors are only approximate and will vary.

Roman Slate Stamp Pattern:

If you prefer something with a little more texture but still relatively smooth on the surface, I recommend this stamp.

Roman Slate Stamp Pattern
Roman Slate Stamp Pattern


Course Sandstone Pattern:

This is one of my favorite patterns. The 3-dimensional pattern looks great with or without color in the concrete. For an exceptional looking patio using this pattern, I would use a secondary color (antique) which would make the different dimensions of the pattern really stand out.

Course Sandstone Pattern
Course Sandstone Pattern

Old Granite Stamp Pattern:

Very popular in the Casinos and with many homeowners throughout the Valley. this pattern also looks good in just plain concrete without any color.

Old Granite Stamp Pattern
Old Granite Stamp Pattern

Color sample block

There is an overwhelming selection of colors that may be used if you do not choose basic gray. To view the selection of colors please go to Davis Colors.

Please note that "subtle and standard" colors are included in bids when using color.

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Terms & Conditions

We pledge to up hold or exceed Industry standards in the workmanship & quality of our contracted services.

Deck-O-Drain (see image above or below) or a pipe will be used when water drainage is blocked by any concrete we pour.

All concrete will be sloped away from the house or building structure.

A ¾ inch PVC pipe will be placed under new concrete (before pouring) for all future planters (at Homeowners Written Request).

Please allow 24 hours of curing time before walking on new concrete.

Allow 7 days for any driveways, RV pads, or any additions that will have vehicle travel on them.

The curing of concrete is very unpredictable; spotting, splotching & discoloration can occur for long periods of time. On rare occasions, the curing compound used may permanently spot the concrete. (If new concrete is covered by shade for an extended period of time curing time may need to be increased)

A color variation may appear when colored concrete is poured at separate times. Simple Creations & their supplier will not be responsible due to different materials or dye batch that might be used which would cause a slight variation in the color mix.


Below is an image of Deco-O-Drain which may be used in your application.

Deco Drain
Deco Drain in Concrete

Patio with Deck-O-Drain

About Us

Simple Creations in Concrete, LLC, is a family owned and operated company servicing the Las Vegas, Nevada area since 2005. Hi, I am Scott Simpson, the owner, and I provide the labor, integrity, honesty, quality, and workmanship for the company.  My wife provides the inspiration, support, and patience. We have built our company around 1940 values. One saying from those times, I believe, was, “You Reap What You Sow”. The quality and values of this company reflect this theme, and how we feel about what we do, and how we do it.

My wife and I come from farming communities. The philosophy of long days and hard work is not new to us. I came to Las Vegas in 1996 to work with my brother in his concrete company and after a few years of intense training, long hours, and a lot of hard work, I started to venture out on my own and soon established Simple Creations in Concrete, LLC in 2005.

I like to create things, to be outdoors, and to see progress instantaneously. My dad worked as a carpenter, and he owned and operated a farm. My mother’s father was a farmer, too, so, creating things out of nothing runs in my veins. Like my father and grandfathers, our life styles chose us, we did not choose it.

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